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How to View Payments in the Stripe Portal

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In the left-hand Navigation Panel, click Payments

Each payment record will appear with one of the following status:

  • Partial Refund: this could indicate a payment that has been partially adjusted OR this could indicate an authorization that was captured for a lower amount
  • Dispute Lost: this will appear if guest has disputed a charge and the property lost the dispute.  If they won, it would say "Dispute Won"
  • X days to respond: this will appear when a payment has been disputed by a guest, the property has X number of days to dispute the Chargeback.  If they do not provide enough supporting evidence in the time frame allotted, then they will automatically lose the dispute.
  • Succeeded: this will appear when a payment has been successfully posted
  • Refunded: this will appear when an entire payment has been reversed
  • Canceled: this will appear when an authorization has been voided
  • Uncaptured: this appears for an authorization

Click on a specific line to learn more information regarding the specific posting.  In the example below, we can see that this card was originally Authorized for $419.00 and upon check-out, $209.50 was captured and therefore $209.50 was released back onto the customer card.  

As you scroll down you will find other information related to this payment, as well as a "Metadata" section which includes information from RoomKeyPMS, such as the Res ID & Cardholder Name.

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