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How to Modify a Wholesaler Block

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The following article explains through an example of how to decrease a block hold for a Wholesaler Account during a specific date range.

In this example, JacTravel  is holding 3 Deluxe King rooms from May 2020 to April 2021.  Based on demand levels, the block needs to be reduced from 3 rooms to 2 rooms for August 1st to August 2nd.

Step 1: Check the Pickup

Before making changes to the block, first check to make sure no reservations have already been made. In this example, the dates is question are August 1st to August 2nd.

Proceed to the Inventory tab for the selected Wholesaler. Using the Display For drop down, select the desired dates to be reviewed (in this case, it is August 1st-2nd)

Step 1: Check the Pickup

Review the totals in the PUP (Pickup) column.  In this example, 2 of the 3 Deluxe Rooms on block have already been picked up. This leaves 1 room remaining for August 1st-2nd.  This means that the block can be reduced, and the remaining room can be released as no reservations have been made for them yet.

If all 3 Deluxe rooms had been reserved, it would not be possible to reduce the block, as would be filled already.

Step 2: Amend the Block

Proceed to the Blocks tab, and click on Block Holds. Click on Amendment.

Step 2: Amend the Block

In the Block Amendments window, click Insert.

The box will split into two halves, the top half will display the existing block, and the bottom half is where the block is updated/adjusted.

Fill in the following information by using the drop down menus under each column:

  • Room Type – select the Room Type to be adjusted (in this example: DK-K).
  • Date From/Date To – Select the date range the block is to be adjusted for (in this example: September 1st - 3rd)
  • Holds – Enter the updated block (number of rooms) to be held

Click Post to save.

Review the Inventory Tab

Once the block has been adjusted, return to the Inventory tab to confirm the adjustment. Using the Display For drop down, select the desired dates to be reviewed (in this case, it is September 1st-3rd)

  • Looking at the BLK (Block) column under the DK-K room type, it now reflects a hold of 2 rooms
  • Looking at the PUP (pickup) column, it reflects that 2 rooms have been picked up (the two pre-existing reservations)
  • Looking at the REM (remaining) column, it reflects there are no more rooms being held, thus no more rooms to be picked up
Review the Inventory Tab
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