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How to Delete a Wholesaler

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The following article reviews how to delete or deactivate a Wholesaler Account in the PMS.

Deleting vs. Deactivating

A Wholesaler Account can only be deleted if it has never been used on any reservations within the PMS. Once a Wholesaler Account has been used, it has history tied to it and therefore can only be deactivated.

To delete a Wholesaler Account that has never been used, go to Operations > Wholesaler. Locate the Wholesaler Account to be deleted (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the account name), and click Delete.

Deleting vs. Deactivating

If the Wholesaler Account has no history, it will be deleted from the Wholesaler Module. If it does have history, the following error will display:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to deactivating a Wholesaler Account make sure that all associated block holds have been released.

In this situation, the Wholesaler Account must be made inactive, as opposed to deleting it. To make a Wholesaler Account inactive, select the Modify button to the right hand side of the screen and un-check the Active box located in the General tab.

Once done, click Post to save.  The Wholesaler Account will now be inactive, but can be made active again if needed by simply re-checking the Active box.

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