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How to Create a Reservation for a Wholesaler Account

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The following article explains how to make a reservation for a Wholesaler Account, including which Client Type and function need to be in place to do so.

Wholesaler Client Type

Proceed to System Configuration > Client Types.

Wholesaler Client Type

In order to make Wholesaler reservations, a Client Type with the Function of Wholesaler must first be set up. This will allow access to the Wholesaler Module to attach the Wholesaler Account when making a new reservation.

  • Proceed to System Configuration > Client Types
  • Ensure there is a Wholesaler Client Type, and that the function is set to Wholesaler (If there is no Wholesaler Client Type set up, one will need to be created. For more information on creating a Client Type, please see the article How to Create a Client Type in the System Configuration manual).

Making a Wholesaler Reservation

To create a reservation for a Wholesaler Account, first select the appropriate Client Type.

When a Client Type with a Wholesaler function is selected, a Company box will appear to the right, listing all available Wholesaler Accounts. Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate Wholesaler Account.

Making a Wholesaler Reservation

NOTE: If no Wholesaler Account exists, and one needs to be created at this time, click the binoculars icon next to the Company drop down menu to bring up the Wholesaler Module, and enter the Wholesaler information from here.

Once the appropriate Wholesaler Account has been selected (along with the appropriate dates, and number of people), hit the Refresh button to view availability and rates.

Rooms left in the Wholesaler's block will show in blue.

When viewing rates, if the Wholesaler Account has it's own specific Rate Plan associated with it, that rate will be the only one that shows up.

Continue with normal booking procedures to create the guest reservation.

Once the reservation is created note the areas below that indicate that this reservation is attached to a Wholesaler Account.

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