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How to Attach a City Ledger Account to a Wholesaler Account

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Go to Operations > WholeSaler

Click on the Wholesaler Account you wish to attach a City Ledger Account to (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the account name), and click the Modify button to the right of the screen.

Ensure Folio number is set to 8 (only room charges posted to folio 8 will transfer to a City Ledger Account upon check-out)

Check the Has City Account box

If the City Account already exists, use the City Account drop down menu to search for the existing City Account. The Search Box will open:

If the City Account does not yet exist, check the box next to Create a New Account, and type the name of the account and desired Credit Limit manually into this area. Once the information is saved it will create the City Account in the City Ledger Module.

Select Post to save. A City Ledger Account is now attached to this Wholesaler Account.

Updating Billing for Existing Reservations

NOTE: Existing reservations will NOT update with the new billing, they will maintain the billing instructions the Wholesaler Account was set to at the time of booking.

To update existing reservations to reflect this new billing, follow these steps:

  1. Edit each of the existing reservations (by selecting Change Res). Make a note of what Client Type & Rate the reservation is currently booked on
  2. Change the Client Type of the reservation to Independent/Leisure (or any non-Wholesaler Client Type)
  3. Select OK to save changes
  4. Edit the reservation again (by selecting Change Res) and change the reservation back to the proper Wholesaler Client Type & Rate they were on before (make sure to double check the rate before you rebook).
  5. Select OK to save changes. The guest reservation will now be updated to reflect the billing changes that were made to the Wholesaler Account.

For more information on updating billing for existing reservations, please see the article How to Update Existing Reservations After Billing Changes were made to the Wholesaler Account in the Wholesaler manual.

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