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How to Post a Transaction in Sundry Sales

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The Sundry Sales module in the PMS acts as an over the counter cash register, and allows the charging of goods and services to an individual that is not staying at the property. Multiple charges can be posted and paid for all at once, and receipts for each transaction can be generated.

The following article reviews how to post a charge in the Sundry Sales module.

Posting Charges

  • Proceed to Operations > Sundry Sales
  • Click Sale to start a transaction
Posting Charges

Use the drop down menu under the Charges box to select the applicable Transaction Code of the charge to post.

  • Enter the amount of the charge

NOTE: If the Transaction Code has taxes attached, the taxes will automatically calculate onto the final price.

  • To add more then one charge, click Ins (Insert) located below the Charges box. Repeat the above steps until all charges have been entered

When all the charges have been entered, the total will appear in the Amount box. Use the PmtCode drop down menu to select a method of payment (it defaults to Cash).

Credit Card Payments

If the payment is being made by Credit Card, the details will be required. The Reference field can be used to enter a note regarding the transaction.

Credit Card Payments

Though the Sundry Sales module is designed to be able to charge for items without posting them to a guest's room/reservation, there is still the option to post charges to the room if desired.  When posting to a room, select the Room Number from the drop down menu, and choose the Folio number to post to. A note about the charge can be entered into the Pmt Reference field if needed.

Paid by Room

Cash Payments

If the payment is being made by cash, enter the amount of cash presented into the Cash Received field, and the PMS will calculate the Change required.

Cash Payments

Click Post to post the charge and corresponding payment to Sundry Sales.

NOTE: If the Print Receipt box is checked, a receipt will print out once the posting is complete.

The transaction will now appear in Sundry Sales at the top.

A receipt will also print out for the guest.

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