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Paid by Room Feature

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One of the payment methods available in Sundry Sales is Paid By Room. What this feature does is allow a charge to be posted in Sundry Sales, and have it transferred to an in house guest folio.

When would this feature be used instead of posting directly to a guest folio?

This feature may be used in situations where a property has a gift shop, and though the gift shop employee does not need access to everything in the PMS, they do need access to the Sundry Sales module. This feature would still allow the gift shop employee to post charges to a guest folio, without having to see or access that guest folio.

When posting to a room, select Paid By Room as the Payment Code (PmtCode).

Additional information can be entered into the Pmt Reference field.

Select the desired Room Number and Folio to post to.

NOTE: Only In-House room numbers can be charged to. If the reservation is not yet checked in, or has already checked out, the Paid By Room feature will not be available.

Once the room number is selected, hover the mouse over the room number and the guest name will appear. This helps reconfirm the correct room number was selected.

Click Post to complete the transaction.

NOTE: The charge will NOT appear in the Sundry Sales module once completed.

Instead, the charge will appear on the Guest's Folio.

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