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Sundry Sales Reports


The following article reviews the reports related to the Sundry Sales module in the PMS.

Daily Sales Report by Receipt ID

Operations > Sundry Sales > Reports > Daily Sales Report by Receipt ID

  • This report shows all the sales done for a selected day or date range. It indicates the Receipt #, the total charge, total payment and the clerk that preformed the transaction. The Grand Total sales can be found at the bottom of the receipt.


Operations > Sundry Sales > Reports > Receipt

  • This report reprints a receipt for a specific transaction from a specific date

Transaction Register Balance > Detail > Compact

Reports > Financial > Transaction Register Balance > Detail > Compact

  • All postings done in Sundry Sales appear on the Transaction Register Balance in RoomKey as it is still counted towards the revenue for the overall property.
  • When looking at the Transaction Register Balance, Sundry Sales Postings are identified by:
    • the Res ID column where T1 will represent Receipt #1 in Sundry Sales, T2 represents Receipt #2 in Sundry Sales, and so on.
    • In the Room-Folio column, N/A-1 will be displayed, as Sundry Sales does not have a room number and always posts to Folio 1.
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