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How to Divide a Guest Folio among Multiple Guests

The following article explains the steps to splitting charges between two or more guests on one reservation.

Adding an accompanying guest (option 1)

First, ensure that the other guest(s) name(s) are inputted onto the Guest Reservation. To enter a share’s name, you can select “Change Res” (or Change Stay if the guest is in house) to enter the guest reservation and then proceed to the “Guest Share”

Adding an accompanying guest (option 1)

Adding an accompanying guest (option 2)

Double click on the box located under the Share’s Column (the one with the two heads) to open the Guest Share tab.

Adding an accompanying guest (option 2)

Creating a Guest Share

Once inside the Guest Share tab, select the “Insert” button to enter the new guest name.

(NOTE: The box that appears when you double click under the Guest Share Column looks different from the one below but the steps to enter a Guest Share name are the exact same)

Creating a Guest Share

Proceed to enter the following information into the spaces provided:

  • First Name – enter guests first name
  • Last Name – enter guests last name
  • Use Folio – check this box if you wish to assign a folio number to this particular guest (this is very important when wanting to split charges among different guests in one room.)
  • Folio – if you check the “Use Folio” checkbox, a folio number will automatically assign to the guest
  • Store as Guest – checking this box allows you to create a Guest Profile for this guest share. Enter the guest information into the box that appears and then select OK to return to the Guest Share Tab.

Select “Post” to save the guest share information. Repeat these steps if you wish to add more guests to the reservation.

After you have created your guest share(s), a checkbox will appear that says “Split Room Charges Equally”. If all the shares are going to be splitting the room charges equally you would ensure that this box is checked.

NOTE: Room Charges will always post to the Master Guest Folio (Folio 1) upon check-in, the split does not occur until check-out.

After you hit the OK button you will notice that two heads appear to the far left of your screen, this indicates that the room has a share(s). To see the share names simply double click on the two heads icon.

Once guest shares are created, you will have the option to post charges and payments to each specific guest.

Moving a Charge to another Folio

NOTE: Any charges that post to the guest folio via an interface (phone calls if you have a Call Accounting Interface, F&B if you have Point of Sales Interface) will always post to Folio 1. You would use the “Move” feature to transfer the transaction to the appropriate folio number. See How to Move a Posting to a Different Folio Number Within the Same Reservation for more information on moving transactions.

In this example we will be moving the Phone Call to Folio 2.

  1. Ensure that the black arrow is pointing towards the charge you wish to move by clicking anywhere on the line. (Remember that the select button can also be used to highlight  multiple charges to be moved if needed).
  2. Click the “Move” button (or right click on your mouse and select “Move” from the dropdown menu).
Moving a Charge to another Folio

A screen appears that will allow you to select a different guest room if you wish. In this example we do not wish to select a different room number, but instead we wish to select a different “Destination Folio”.

In this example we are moving the Phone Charge to Folio 2. Notes may be added to explain the move. Select the Post button to move this charge to Folio 2.

We will see two things occur:

1) The charge will be moved off of Folio 1

2) The charge will be moved on to Folio 2.

NOTE: If you do not wish to see the transfer off of folio 1, simply go to your Transactions Menu -> Folio Appearance and select to “Do Not Show Transferred Transactions”. Selecting this option will hide the transfer occurring on Folio 1 and only show the transfer onto Folio 2.

Posting a Charge to another Folio

For any charges that are posted manually to the guest account we have an option to select which folio the charge is to be posted at the time of billing.

Posting a Charge to another Folio

Viewing multiple Folios at Check-Out

When it comes time to check these guests out we can see that the charges have been appropriately divided.

  1. Rachel Barnes has one third of the Room & Tax charges, plus her Laundry & Dry Cleaning charge
  2. Angela Sinclair has one third of the Room & Tax charges, plus the Kayak rental charge
  3. Vivian Altman has one third of the Room & Tax changes, plus the Valet Parking charge
Viewing multiple Folios at Check-Out