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Profile Match & Merge - What Happens When You Merge?

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When you merge duplicate guest records, we’ll associate all the selected guest records with a single guest profile.

  • We’ll combine profile and stay data from all the records in the guest profile. You’ll be able to see this combined information in the RoomKeyPMS desktop version.
  • Each reservation associated with the guest will have its own record, allowing the ability to associate a separate credit card with each reservation. However, the contact details and other profile information shown for each guest record/reservation will be taken from the shared guest profile.

Profile Data

If there are differences in the values stored in the records we’re merging:

  • For profile information that needs to have just one value, like the guest’s name, we’ll keep the most recently updated value by default.  
  • For the special guest status fields, VIP and Do not rent, if any of the records are flagged with that status, we’ll associate that special status with the guest profile.
  • For profile information that can have multiple values, we’ll store each unique value in the profile (for example, if there are two different phone numbers in the records, we’ll store both in the profile). If the records all have the same email address, we’ll only store that one email address.
  • For the email opt-in/out preferences, if any profiles have opted out, we’ll keep the preference to opt out of receiving any email marketing campaigns.

Reservation Data

When guest profiles are merged, the guest profile information for each reservation is combined into one unified guest profile.

  • Each guest record/reservation will be associated with the combined guest profile which contains the same profile information.
  • If you are part of a chain, this combined profile will also be shared across all properties.

Credit Card Data

When merging guest profiles, any credit cards associated with each reservation will be attached to the combined guest profile.

  • Each guest record/reservation will retain the credit card associated with each individual reservation.
  • When creating a new reservation for a repeat guest, the clerk will be prompted to choose any credit card that is linked to the profile to use for the reservation (see screenshot below).

Profile Data Rules

The model for the guest merge is conceptually different from the way other systems treat merge, where you have a master profile and you merge other profiles into the master. In conclusion, clients have advised that this often resulted in unwanted data loss, as the master value would be retained and the secondary values would be lost in duplicate profiles. In addition, feedback was that sometimes blank fields in the master profile would remain in the merged profile over already populated fields in the secondary profile.

The new model for merge retains each value for all records being merged except for some key fields that can only have one value. In chains that have chosen to share guest information across properties, the merged profile information will be available across the chain.  

When there can only be one value, the system automatically chooses a value for these fields based on which record was last modified. The user can also manually choose which value to retain for these fields if there are mismatches which can be selected in the “View Details” feature.  

There are two exceptions that have a single value but a slightly different rule behind how that value is selected: “Do not rent” status and “VIP” status. When duplicate records are being merged with either of those statuses, the merged profile will have that status set for it. This rule helps ensure that crucial guest status settings are being captured in final merged profile.

Single value profile fields

Fields that require a single value (default value is based on which guest record was last modified):

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name

Single value profile fields: VIP & Do not rent

Fields that require a single value (if any record has the status, the merged profile will have the status):

  • Do not rent
  • VIP
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