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Profile Match & Merge - How to View Detail to Evaluate Possible Duplicates

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When you aren’t sure if the records are a match based on what you are seeing in the main Duplicates screen, you can see more information by clicking on the View Detail button. This will take you to the View Detail screen, which shows all the information we have for each record.

  • Review: In the table at the top of the screen, you’ll see all the information we have for each record. If we have more information for at least one of the records, you’ll see additional columns appear for your review.
    • Not a match (one or more): If any of the records is pretty clearly not a match, we suggest you select that record in the table and click “Not a match” to let the system know they aren’t a match. We won’t suggest the records as possible matches in the future.
    • Merge (one or more): You can merge in the Detail View as well if you’d like -- select one or more records and click Merge to combine the record with the one that you saw at the top of the card.
  • Choose a value: If there are mismatches in information like First name or Last name in the records you select, you’ll see a section called “Choose A Value” where you can pick whichever value you’d like to keep. If there aren’t mismatches, we’ll hide this section.
  • Preview: You can preview what the merged profile would look like. Select records in the table at the top of the screen and you’ll see a preview of the combined profile under the table.

If you merge or dismiss all the records in the Detail View, we’ll take you back to the main Duplicates screen. You can also go back there at any point by clicking the arrow at the top left of the window.

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