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Profile Match & Merge - Getting Started

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The Profile Match & Merge feature is a smarter way to clean up your guest data. Instead of spending hours manually sorting through records, our system helps you identify duplicates in a matter of seconds—saving you time and improving your ability to deliver great guest experiences. 

If you do not currently have access to this premium feature please contact our inside sales representative Margaux Le Merrer for further information on [email protected] or +1 604.914.3739.

  1. Make sure your default web browser is set to Chrome and you have version or higher of RoomKeyPMS desktop.
  2. In RoomKeyPMS desktop, open the Guest Profile dialog, by doing one of the following:
    • In the Operations menu, select Guest Profile
    • Press the F7 key
  3. You’ll see a Merge Profiles button in the Guest Profile dialog.
  4. A Chrome web browser window will open.
  5. You’ll initially see possible duplicate records for guests who are arriving today.
    • Each guest is represented by a card.
    • The guest record linked to the reservation that’s arriving today is shown at the top of the card. Possible matches are shown under it.
  6. You can take a few different actions at this point:
    • If you are satisfied that the records on a card are a match, go ahead and merge them using the Merge button to merge all records shown on the card.
    • If you are confident that one or more of the records on the card is not a match, dismiss the record that isn’t a match.
    • If you want to see additional information to confirm whether the possible matches should be merged or dismissed, you can view the guest records in more detail.
  7. When you’ve dealt with today’s arrivals, you can change the settings at the top of the screen to look for possible duplicates based on status, date range, and how strict the rules for suggesting matches are.

You’ll be able to see the merged profile data in RoomKeyPMS desktop.

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