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How to use Quickbooks Export


The function of the interface for QuickBooks from Roomkey is that it puts the export file into the format that is required by QuickBooks (.iff).

QuickBooks Set Up:

  •  QuickBooks does not allow for the import into Sub-Accounts
  • In QuickBooks, the user is not able to directly transfer from one Accounts Receivable to another Accounts Receivable; for this reason, you will need to create a “QB Clearing” account within QuickBooks.  Please note that you will not assign an Account Number to this account and please ensure it is not a receivable.  When importing the file into QuickBooks and if a City Ledger Transfer did occur on that particular day, the following Journal Entries take place; in this example, we had a checkout to City Ledger in the amount of $100.00: 

 Line 1 – Credit Accounts Receivable Guest Line 2 – Debit QB Clearing Account Line 3 – Credit QB Clearing Account Line 4 – Debit Accounts Receivable City Ledger 


If a guest checks in and has a Reservation Deposit on the Account, the QB Clearing Account is effected once again; in this example the guest checking in has a $200.00 deposit:

Line 1 – Debit Deposit Holdings Line 2 – Credit QB Clearing Account Line 3 – Debit QB Clearing Account Line 4 – Credit Accounts Receivable Guest

  • The Account Number in QuickBooks must match the Account Identifier in Roomkey and the Name in QuickBooks must match the Account Name in Roomkey. (see example below)

When completing the Export, in RoomKey, go to the Export/Import menu and choose the QuickBook Export.  The date will default to today's date so ensure that you change the date to the previous day (you never want to run the Export on the current day as the day has not yet been completed).  Once the report opens, select the "Export" button located at the top of the screen.

The Export file can be saved to the directory of your choosing.  Once the file is saved, you can now go into Quickbooks and import the file.  Because this export is produced in the format of one day at a time we recommend the export be done on a daily basis.

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