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Guest Profile Imports


Existing Guest Profiles from another PMS may be imported into RoomKeyPMS during the time leading up to the Cutover / Go Live date.  For this to take place, the source PMS will need to be capable of a Guest Profile Export in order to extract the information, preferably in a Microsoft Excel format.

NOTE: Guest Profile Imports do not include Guest History, preferences or Credit Card Data. Information imported will be limited to Names and Contact Details only.

Import Template

Please speak with your Implementation Specialist or Training Manager for a copy of the Guest Profiles import template.

The data needs to be in .xls format (MS Excel 97 - 2003). It needs to be remitted to your Implementation Specialist or Training Manager by 5 PM PST the day before import is scheduled.

Instructions for this import are as follows:

  • The imports are limited to the number of columns contained in the individual spreadsheets
  • The columns have character limits - please take note (ex. two digits for state abbreviation)
  • Please do not add/remove/rename or move any of the columns
  • The imports are done AS IS without warranty
  • All columns are optional - please provide as much information as your system will allow for export
  • For legal reasons, we do not import credit card information, so please do not include it
  • Do not include any additional headers or breaks within the data. The data must be continuous.
  • The first two rows are examples of what you can input--you may remove them before you return the document
  • Data entered must conform to the above - that is to say, your data must be perfect or the import will fail. If the import fails, we will advise you on the necessary steps you will need to take to clean your data.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your Implementation Specialist or Training Manager directly.

Imported Fields

The Import Template below shows all the available fields for a Guest Profile Import. Additional fields may not be added, and cannot be imported.

Imported Fields
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