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What is an Emergency Support Call and When to Call?

100% of the operations of the hotel are impeded.

  • A RoomKeyPMS Server is down, and you cannot log into the RoomKeyPMS application on any workstation (not internet connectivity or password related)
  • Cannot check out a room due to room status error message which can hinder operations in a sold-out situation.

What is NOT a Emergency Support Call?

When hotel operation are NOT 100% impeded

  • Internet is down in local area
  • Shift4 or any third party interface is down but payments can be process on Dollars on the Net
  • Any Operations-related questions that should be directed to a manager or supervisor
  • Need to change a rate plan
  • / Expedia / GDS interface errors
  • Inventory levels don't match rooms available

How to Contact Support During an Emergency?

During an emergency please follow this protocol:

  • Call our Support line (1-800-234-5695) and you MUST leave a voicemail to get your support issue answered. You will get a response within 4 hours.
  • Emails are not monitored during after hours support  
  • Calls not deemed an emergency are subject to a fee.

In non-emergency situations, please use our regular business line during our business hours of 6am to 5pm PST, Monday to Friday - 1.800.234.5695.

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