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Troubleshooting Slowness and Red-Lining

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RoomKeyPMS is a cloud-based software that requires an internet connection. If RoomKeyPMS is experiencing slowness or red-lining please follow these steps to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Access and run an internet speed test to ensure you successfully have consistent high-speed internet connectivity (ensuring you are meeting the RoomKeyPMS Minimum System Requirements).

Step 2: Ensure that RoomKeyPMS has full read and write access to the RoomKeyPMS folder (details can be found on Troubleshooting Offline Errors).

Step 3: Ensure that RoomKeyPMS is not being restricted by any firewall or anti-virus programs (details can be found on Troubleshooting Offline Errors).

Step 4: Ensure that there are no outstanding Windows updates - perform all Windows updates as necessary.

Step 5: Ensure that RoomKeyPMS is being run on terminals that are on a dedicated Internet Service Provider connection and are not on a connection that is shared with guests or the public.

Step 6: After running through the above self-troubleshooting steps, please visit our RoomKeyPMS Status Page to ensure that our servers are up and running correctly. RoomKeyPMS is built to automatically check our many proxy servers within North America to determine the fastest route to connect to our Microsoft/Azure cloud data centers. To manually attempt to connect to an alternative proxy, please log out of RoomKeyPMS and re-log back in to try an alternative route.

Additional Troubleshooting

You may still be able to access the internet locally. However, if all servers are up and running correctly, the results would indicate there could be a local internet service provider connectivity issue occurring between the pathway between your property's location and our Microsoft/Azure cloud datacenter.

Additional Resource: Internet Outage Map -

Azure Latency Test

The Azure Latency Test tool runs a latency test from your IP location to Azure datacenters around the world. Please ensure to select both Canada and US regions. RoomKeyPMS runs on the following proxies:

  1. Canada - Canada Central
  2. Canada - Canada East
  3. US - Central US
  4. US - East US
  5. US - East US 2
  6. US - North Central US
  7. US - South Central US
  8. US - West Central US
  9. US - West US
  10. US - West US 2
  11. US - West US 3

The graph at at the bottom of the page will show how all proxies are performing. The orange line on the chart is East US 2 (which is RoomKeyPMS's main default), however, RoomKeyPMS will source and attempt to connect via an alternative route if there are any issues causing a delay at an interconnection point. It is most common to be within the range of 80 to 100.

Azure Ping Test (Latency)

The Azure Ping Test will also provide a similar report in the form of a table. The same Azure Region Names (#1 to #11) will apply to this test as stated above.

When Troubleshooting Doesn't Work - Local Internet Issue

Azure Global Infrastructure

Click Here to access a live map of the Azure Global Infrastructure (the map displayed above is a sample).

The "blue" dots on this map shows RoomKeyPMS connectivity points throughout North America to assure you can connect to our Azure cloud environment. Sometimes your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) can experience temporary issues that isolate your internet data flow and does not allow it to connect to some internet hubs in North America. In these instances, you may experience "redlining". This should be resolved by your ISP as quickly as possible. In this case, please proceed to use the offline procedures outlined in the "Next Steps" below.

Next Steps

Please contact your Internet Service Provider as to why they cannot connect to our endpoints for further troubleshooting as these temporary internet connectivity issues often will be resolved once the source is identified and rectified by the Internet Service Provider affected. In the meantime, please ensure that backup methods to operate your hotel manually are in place utilizing the RoomKeyPMS Smart Files Backup.

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