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Troubleshooting Speed and Offline Errors

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The following article outlines some steps that can be taken if the PMS is running slowly, or if a connection cannot be made to the server.

If you are experiencing “slowness” in Roomkey although you ARE able to access your internet or receiving the error message below then please follow these steps.

Step 1

For Windows

Right click on Start, and choose "Run"

For Windows 8

Type "cmd" and click OK

For Windows 10

Click Start, type “cmd” and hit enter

For Windows 10

For Mac OSX

Use spotlight to search for network utility.

For Mac OSX

Enter network utility and click on traceroute.

Step 2

In the box (command window) type:


Step 2

This is what a completed trace route looks like:

This type of traceroute will have issues:

If you see * this means that the internet service is having issues connecting to our servers located in California.  Unfortunately, in these cases, the issue most likely lies with your internet service provider, not RoomKey.

Note: Any number around 100 ms may experience some slowdown as the lower the number the faster the connection.

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