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Remote Client Error when logging into RoomKeyPMS

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If a RoomKeyPMS Remote Client Error is encountered when logging into RoomKeyPMS, it may be due to limited Windows permissions on the current computer.  In order to work properly on any computer, RoomKeyPMS needs the following:

  • Full read and write access to the RoomKeyPMS folder located under C:/ProgramFiles/RoomKeyPMS
  • RoomKeyPMS cannot be restricted by any Anti Virus or Firewall programs, and should be placed on the exceptions lists of these programs
  • The computer should not be restricted from accessing the website

Additional steps that can be taken are:

  • Run Windows Update to install any pertinent updates to the Windows Operating System
  • Ensure that a default printer is set for the current machine (Control Panel > Devices & Printers > Right Click on a connected printer and set as Default)

If the error is encountered, please do not call PMS Support. Please bring this issue to the attention of the property's IT Administrator, as they will need to review the settings and make the necessary changes.

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