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How to access, use & troubleshoot your Smart Files Backup

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In this article we will show Smart Files Backup can be used whenever your property is unable to access the PMS.

Reasons why your property may need to use Smart Files Backup are:

  • A power outage has occurred and reports must be printed before backup generators fail
  • The Internet is down and the property is unable to login to the PMS
  • Our Tech Team is performing necessary server maintenance and the PMS is unavailable

The “Smart Files Backup” is accessed on the main login screen of the PMS.

The Smart Files Backup backs-up files approximately every 30-minutes (NOTE: When first logging into the PMS a “Smart Files Backup is unavailable” may appear in the bottom right hand corner of the PMS. This warning will disappear after the first 6-minute cycle has passed).  The Smart Files Backup files are saved under C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\RoomKeyPMS\Backup but to access these files you click on the “Smart Files Backup” icon on the login screen.    

The Smart Files Backup screen will then open. Various reports needed to run manually may be printed by selecting the icons below.  As soon as it is necessary to use the Smart Files Backup you should print all available reports.  Depending on how long the PMS is unavailable the Smart Files Back may stop  working therefore it is important to print ALL files at the beginning of the outage.

  • Arrivals – has a list of the days arrivals
  • Departures – has a list of the days departures
  • In-House – has a list of the in house guests
  • Reservations – is a list of reservations up to two weeks out
  • Inventory – a copy of the Inventory Calendar that displays inventory over the next two weeks
  • Housekeeper – has a list of all rooms and their status at the time of the of the outage
  • Show as Grid – allows you to view a list of guests whose status are “In House”, “Departures”, “Arrivals” and “Reservation”. This function is most often used to print the Guest Folios of departing guests.

NOTE: The Guest Folio will contain charges up until the time it was necessary to go manual. If interfaces are used to post calls, F&B charges and/or movies then these systems should be checked manually and any additional charges that were not posted to the guest folio should be written onto the guest folio.

IMPORTANT: After the PMS is back up & running you will then need to ensure that these charges are posted to the Guest Folio. Once the PMS is available again, you must login to the PMS and duplicate every transaction that was noted while running manually. Transactions that may have to be completed are: - checking out departures - settling guest accounts - posting any necessary charges/payments - checking in guests

Troubleshooting - Smart Files

Smart Files Backup will back up on every computer that has the PMS installed. If Smart Files Backup does not seem to be working properly please follow these steps to help troubleshoot the issue:

1. While in the Smart Files Backup Screen, ensure your Smart Files is pointing toward the correct path (C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\RoomKeyPMS\Backup). If it is not, use the Browse button to the far right of the screen to fix the path of your Smart Files Backup.

Troubleshooting -Smart Files

2. Ensure you have full read & write access to the the "RoomKeyPMS" Folder.

  • Click on Windows' "Start" menu in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
  • Select "Computer"
  • Double-click on "Local Disk (C:)"
  • Double-click on "Program Files" (or "Program Files (x86)" if using a 64bit OS)
  • Locate the "RoomKeyPMS" folder and right-click on it.
  • From the menu that appears, select "Properties"
  • At the bottom of the window that appears, make certain that the "Read-Only" is not checked or highlighted. If it is, uncheck it and click on "Apply".
  • A window will appear asking if you want to apply these changes to the current folder and all of its subfolders and files or just that folder. Select "apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files" then click on "OK".
  • Click on the "Security" tab at the top of the window.
  • Make certain that there is a check-mark next to all of the permissions that appear in the box at the bottom of the window, most importantly the "Read" and "Write" permissions.
  • Once this tab is complete, click on "OK" to close the window.
  • At this point, it is recommendable to turn off your computer then restart it to activate the change in your settings. Your SmartFiles backup records will be created approximately 30 minutes after you log back in to the PMS.
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