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How to use Inventory Calendar with Overbooking Limits (F12)

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The Inventory Calendar will automatically default to Include Overbooking Limits => when box is un-checked, amounts and calculations are based on physical inventory:

  1. Inv will remain unchanged as this is the Physical Inventory
  2. PROPERTY Availability is the sum of availability of all Room Type plus the PROPERTY Overbooking Limit
  3. Room Type Availability is calculated by including the Room Type Overbooking Limits to the Room Type Availability
  4. Total Inventory, Available, Available (%) are all re-calculated using the Room Type Overbooking limits

Inventory Calendar Reports

Printing Inventory Calendar

The printing of the Inventory Calendar will respect the Include Overbooking Limits box

=> when box checked, report will include OB Limits

=> when box unchecked, report will not include OB Limits

Inventory Detail - All Rooms

When clicking on a date => the Inventory Details Report will display the details of reservations, block holds, and out of order for that date => the printing will respect the Include Overbooking Limits box:

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