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How to Book a Lock-off Reservation

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In this Article we will show how to book a reservation for Lock-off Rooms.

Lock-off Rooms are two or more rooms that are tied together in your PMS. Usually Lock-off Rooms are rooms that are connected by an adjoining door that can be sold together as one large suite. If your property uses Lock-off Rooms, the following is the process you would follow to book a reservation for Lock-off Rooms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

NOTE: Lock-off Rooms always consist of a MASTER Lock-off and one or more ATTACHED Lock-off(s). When creating the reservation, you must select the MASTER Lock-off first in order for the ATTACHED Lock-off(s) to appear. If your property uses Lock-off Rooms, ask your Manager for a list of your Master Lock-off rooms and their Attached Lock-offs.  

Below is a sample of a list of Master Lock-off rooms along with their Attached Lock-off rooms. We will review step by step how to book a new reservation for our Mount Lorette Suite (REMEMBER, room 301 is our MASTER LOCK-OFF and must be booked first…otherwise the lock-off will not work properly)

Begin the reservation process by selecting the “New Res” button at the top of the screen.

Next, ensure the black arrow is pointing to the room type where your Master Lock-off is located (for this example that would be the 2QNL-D room type).  Click your Enable Assignment box and select your Master Lock-off Room Number, VERY IMPORTANT!

Once you select the Master Lock-off Room Number, check the Lockoff checkbox which is located just below the Enable Assignment box. NOTE: A new Lock Off tab should now appear in your reservation screen.

Proceed to the Lock off Tab.  The first step in the Lock-off Tab is to select a rate. Select the drop-down arrow under the Rate column to view a list of applicable rates.

Place a checkmark next to the rate that will apply to the Attached Lock-off portion of the reservation.

NOTE: Depending on your properties setup, you may select a $0.00 Rate and have the full room revenue post on the Master Lock-off portion of the room.  **Please speak to your Manager regarding your Lock-off booking procedures.

Once the rate has been selected, input the number of children & adults who will be in this ½ of the room. Finally place a checkmark under the “Book” column to secure your lockoff room.Now return to the Calendar tab and finish the booking process. For more information on the booking process please see How to create a Reservation for an Individual Transient Guest

Once the booking is complete notice that two separate reservations have now been created, one for the Attached Lock-off Room and one for the Master Lock-off room.

NOTE: When cancelling a Lock-off:

  1. If you cancel the MASTER Lock-off Room, both rooms will cancel.
  2. You have the option to just cancel the Attached Lock-off Room if a guest decides that they no longer want both rooms. If you select to cancel just the Attached Lock-off then just this part of the room will cancel.
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