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How to Overbook a Room Type

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The following article explains the steps involved in overbooking a room type for a specific date where you may be sold out. Overbooking a room type is a common strategy employed by busy hotels that expect to receive last minute Cancellations or No Shows, and wish to maximize their occupancy.

Overbooking Rooms

The ability to overbook in RoomKey is a permission based feature. In order to be able to Overbook a Room Type or your Property, you must have the Reservation Management Permission 340, Overbooking, under System Configuration -> Clerks. If you do not have this permission, you will require your Manager's assistance in order to overbook.

In this example, you wish to overbook the SQQ Room Type.

Overbooking Rooms

If you were to select a rate, then attempt to check the checkbox under the "Book" column for the SQQ Room Type, you would receive the following error message.

In order to overbook this Room Type, you must check the "Enable Overbook" button at the bottom of the reservation screen.

Once this box has been checked, you will be able to proceed with the booking of a sold out or overbooked Room Type.

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