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How to Make a Reservation for a Dynamic Package

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In this article we show the steps to successfully booking a reservation for a Dynamic Package, also known as "Packages on the Fly".  This is because they allow you to fluctuate the components of your package based on your guest's demands.  This type of package is good if you want more control over your packages, so for example, if you offer a Ski & Stay Package with breakfast, but a guest calls and says they want the Ski & Stay Package but they would rather not have breakfast included.  This type of package allows you to omit the breakfast part of the package and just charge the guest for skiing and the room.  The following steps review how to create a Dynamic Package Reservation.

Step 1: New Reservation

Select the New Res button (or press the F2 function Key)  

Step 1: New Reservation
Step 2: Entering the Reservation Details

Enter the reservation details.  We will start at the top of the screen and work our way down.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Client Type – this field allows you to select which Market Segment your guest falls into. For Dynamic Packages, your property may use the Leisure Client Type or it may have a Packages Client Type. Please speak to your management team to determine which Client Type you will be using.
  • Room Charge – this drop down menu allows you to select the Room Charge Code that applies to this reservation. The default RCH Room Charge Code will most likely be selected for the majority of reservations created. An example of another Room Charge Transaction Code that may be available is a Room Charge Tax Exempt Code which would allow Room Charges to post without taxes.
  • Arrival – select the arrival date for this reservation
  • Nights – select the number of nights the guest wishes to stayover (NOTE: If you select a departure date, the number of nights will automatically populate)
  • Departure – select the departure date for this reservation (NOTE: If you select the number of nights the guest wishes to stayover, the departure date will automatically populate)
  • C/O Time – this is the default check-out time for your property which is setup under System Configuration -> Property -> Contacts & Preference tab. If you wish to extend a late check-out to a guest, you may change the C/O Time here and it will then be reflected on the Housekeeping Reports
  • Adults/Child – select the number of adults & children that will be staying in the room. The number of people occupying a room can affect your rates so ensure the proper number of people has been entered.
Step 2: Entering the Reservation Details

Now, select the “Refresh” button to the far right hand side of the screen to load the available Rates & Inventory. NOTE: If you change any of the parameters at the top of the screen, you must select the “Refresh” button to update your Rates & Inventory.

The Availability Grid now shows the Inventory that you have available between your selected Arrival & Departure Dates.

Select the black arrow within the Rate column to display your Available Rates for a specific Room Type.

The first column after the Rate Name displays the Average Rate for the reservation period. If you scroll to the right, you will see what the rate will be on each night of the guests stay.

NOTE: This is the BASE ROOM RATE price only and is not the price of the entire package.

To select the BASE ROOM RATE that applies to the package you are creating, check the checkbox beside the Rate Name.  NOTE: If you do not see the rate that you are looking for it could be because the rate is not available for the dates you have entered. Try changing your dates and selecting the “Refresh” button to see if the desired rates appear

At this point, if you wish to assign a Room Number to the reservation, check the “Enable Assignment” box to the right of your screen. Use the drop down menu to select the desired Room Number (the list will only populate with a list of Room Numbers for the specific Room Type selected).

Now select the appropriate checkbox under the “Book” column to correspond with the Room Type & Rate you are looking for.

Once a checkmark has been placed under the “Book” column, you will see the BASE ROOM RATE + applicable Taxes for the guests stay populate in the box at the top of your screen, and a Reservation ID number will be assigned to the booking in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

STEP 3: Choosing a Package Style

At this point we will skip over the Guest Info tab and go directly to the “Services” tab. The first step in the Services tab is to select the “Style” of package you wish to create.

  • Inclusion – an Inclusion package will post a per night cost for the package on each night of the guests stay.
  • Package – a Package package will post the entire amount of the package on the 1st night of the guests stay as a lump sum amount. (Room & Tax will still post nightly on the back-end to maintain ADR integrity, however the guest's bill will show it posted all on the first night.)
STEP 3: Choosing a Package Style

Once you have selected a Style a “TCode” box will appear. Use the dropdown menu to select the “TCode” of the package you wish to create.

After the proper Package TCode is selected, you will see the ‘Dscr” area populate with the Package Name (ie: Valentine Day Package) and the applicable Guest Services for this package will highlight in blue.

Use the arrow pointing to the left to bring the Guest Services over to the left hand side of the screen.  Below we can see the package consists of:

  • 2 x Package 25 Min Massage on Day 1
  • 2 x Package Breakfast on Day 1 and Day 2
  • 1 x Package Champagne & Chocolates on Day 1

At this point, you have the ability to change the components of the package if you wish by altering the numbers found under the day columns

You also have the ability to change the price per component by changing the dollar amount under the Price column.

The total price of the Package Components will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 - Complete the Booking

Proceed to the “Guest Info” tab to enter the guest contact and payment information.

NOTE: If your property has permission 2090 - Force Search enabled, please review the article: How to use the Search Feature when "Force Search" Permission is on in the Reservations Manual.

Additionally, you may use the following optional tabs to add information to the booking: Travel Agent, Guest Share, Routing.

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