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How to use Manual Rates

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In order to maintain rate integrity and ensure the accuracy of reports, Manual Rates is NOT the recommended procedure for creating reservations. However, if your property has opted to use Manual Rates, the following article will explain the steps involved in this process.

The following Clerk permission is required to use this function: Reservation Management permission 344, Manual Rate Override.

Entering a Manual Rate on a Reservation

When selecting a rate during the reservation process, if you have the proper clerk permissions, a box will appear that says "Manual Rate".

Entering a Manual Rate on a Reservation

If you wish to enter a Manual Rate of $300.00 per night, enter $300.00 into the Average Rate column and then check the box next to Manual Rate.

This will populate a rate of $300.00 per night into the Manual Rate area.

Different Rates per night

If you wish to enter a Manual Rate of $300.00 for the 1st night and $125.00 for the 2nd night, then you would manually enter each rate under the appropriate date column.

Different Rates per night

The Average Rate will automatically calculate based on the numbers that were entered.


  • Double check your Manual Rates after they have been entered. If you forget to add a rate under a date, the PMS will assume the rate is $0.00 and no room revenue will post that night.
  • When extending the number of nights on a Manual Rate reservation, you must manually enter the rate for the additional nights. the PMS will not assume that the same room rate will apply for the entire stay.
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