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How do I set up a Section?


The following article explains how to set up Sections in the Housekeeping Module.

Viewing Room Sections

When Sections have been set up, they can be viewed on the Estimates page of the Housekeeping Module, and will appear along the top.

By clicking on a Section, it will show what Room Types make up that section.

What if there are no Sections?

If Sections are not set up, they will simply not display.

How do I set up Sections?

If you would like to be able to assign your Housekeeping Team's workload by Sections, they must be set up using the Desktop version of the PMS.

  • To do this, go to System Configuration > Property and click on the Room Sections tab
  • Click Add, enter the Name, then click OK
  • Repeat until all sections are created
How do I set up Sections?

Adding Rooms to Sections

Now all the Sections have been created, specific rooms will need to be added to each section.  This is currently done using the Housekeeping Module in the Desktop version of the PMS.

  • Go to Operations > Housekeeping
  • Open the Room Sections module, check Display all Rooms, and choose a Section from the drop-down menu
  • Select rooms from the list on the right, and add them to the section by moving them to the box on the left. (Tip: By holding down the CTRL button while you click, you can select multiple rooms)
  • Repeat these steps until all rooms are added to their desired Sections
  • Close the Sections Module, and click Refresh in the main Housekeeping window to update the display
  • Bonus Tip: Rooms may also be added to a section one at a time using the drop-down menu in the main Housekeeping window, but remember to click Post to save your changes.
Adding Rooms to Sections
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