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How do I update Room Statuses?

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The following article explains how to update room statuses, such as changing rooms from dirty to clean, or occupied to vacant.

Updating Room Statuses

Room Statuses are updated from the Assignment page, and can be done by both Attendants and Inspectors. Several statuses can be updated, including the cleanliness of the room, as well as the occupancy status. Rooms can be updated one at a time, or in bulk actions. We will look at all ways that rooms can be updated.

It is important to note that updating the room occupancy status is only affected in the Housekeeping module, and if the Housekeeping occupancy status differs to the Front Desk status, Room Discrepancies will be created, and will need to be resolved.

Updating as an Attendant

As an Attendant progresses with cleaning rooms, it will be necessary for them to update rooms from Dirty to Clean. This can be done one room at a time, or multiple rooms at once. Watch the following animation as we update several rooms statuses.

Updating as an Attendant

Updating as an Inspector

After checking the Clean rooms, Inspectors will then update them to Inspected if the room is complete. Room updates can be performed one at a time, or in bulk actions, and can include updates to the cleanliness, or occupancy status of the room(s).

Updating as an Inspector
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