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How do I add my Housekeeping Team Members?


The following article explains how to add and configure your Housekeeping Team Members, so you can begin to allocate work to them.

Creating Your Team

In order to be able to manage your Housekeeping Team in our Web based client, they first need to be added to the PMS. This step currently needs to be done in the Desktop version of the PMS, using the Clerks module.

  • In the Desktop version of the PMS, open the Clerks module by going to System Configuration > Clerks.
  • Click Add
  • Select the User Role Clerk - (Note: the Clerk role has limited permissions associated with it. As most of your Housekeeping Team will not require access to the PMS for anything, it is fine to create them with fewer permissions than you would for a Housekeeping Manager or Supervisor. For Managers or Supervisors, it is recommended to create them as Owners)
  • Fill in the information as required
  • Select Post to save
  • Repeat steps until all of your team are added

Once the team has been added, it is now possible to assign them roles of either Attendant or Inspector (or both) in the Web based Housekeeping module.

Creating Your Team
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