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How do I print Daily Schedules for my team?


The following article explains each variation of the daily schedule that can be printed from the Daily Rooms page.

Print All Schedules

Once all the rooms assignments have been made for the day, Schedules can be printed from the Assignments page. The first option in the list is Print All Schedules. This option will print the complete schedule for each Attendant and Inspector scheduled for the current day.

Print All Schedules

The report will print all Attendants, one per page, followed by all Inspectors, one per page.

Print All Attendants

Choosing this option will print all Attendant Schedules for the day, with one Attendant per page.

Print All Inspectors

This report will print reports for all Inspectors, with one Inspector per page.

Print Individual Schedule

This option allows a report to be printed for a specific member of the team, whether for an Attendant or an Inspector. Simply choose the desired member from the drop-down list.

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