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How do I set Cleaning Units (or Credits) for my Rooms?

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As many hotels manage Housekeeping labour efforts through the use of Cleaning Credits, the PMS has the ability to define and set these for each Room Type. The following article reviews how Cleaning Credits can be assigned and configured.

NOTE: The use of Cleaning Units for Rooms and Attendants is completely optional, and is not a required part of the Housekeeping setup. For properties that do not wish to use Cleaning Units, simply leave the Full Clean and Stayover Clean Units at 0.

Assigning Cleaning Units to Room Types

Proceed to the Estimates page. The property's Room Types should all be displayed here under the All Room Types header. If any are missing, they will need to be added through the Desktop version of the PMS.

NOTE: Room Types can also be viewed by Section. In the below image, the Sections 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor are also listed, and can be clicked on to view the Room Types included in those sections.  For more information on setting up Sections, please see the article How do I set up a Section? in the Housekeeping Module.

Assigning Cleaning Units to Room Types

Depending on individual setups, some properties may choose to define their Cleaning Units as "Credits" per room, whereas others may define them as "Minutes" per room.  Either option can be used here.

To assign a Cleaning Unit value to a Room Type, click Edit on the desired Room Type. There are two options:

  1. Full Clean Units - This option represents a full strip and cleaning of a departure room, and should account for all cleaning tasks associated with this scenario
  2. Stayover Clean Units - This option represents a lighter daily room cleaning for guests that are still checked in and "staying over"

Fill in the desired Cleaning Units for each option, and click Save. Repeat these steps until all Room Types are configured.

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