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How do I create Inspectors?

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Assigning a Team Member as an Inspector

Once the Housekeeping Team has been added to the PMS (see Creating Your Team), the next step is to set them up as either Attendants or Inspectors. In this step, we review how to add Inspectors to the Housekeeping roster. Once all Inspectors have been added, they can then be selected as needed to build the daily schedule.

Adding an Inspector is much the same as adding an Attendant, with two exceptions:

  1. An Inspector can also be an Attendant, allowing for dual roles within the property. Simply add the same person as both roles, one at a time.
  2. Inspectors are not assigned Cleaning Units

To add Inspectors to your Housekeeping roster, do the following:

  • In the web based version of the PMS, log into the Housekeeping Module, and proceed to the Team page.
  • Click the Add Inspector button
  • Click into the field under Team Member. Either type the name of the desired Team Member, or scroll through the list of available Team Members
  • Repeat steps as necessary until all Inspectors are added
Assigning a Team Member as an Inspector

Reviewing the Team Page

You can review and make changes to the team straight from the Team page.  To remove a team member from the Housekeeping team roster, simply click the Delete button.

Reviewing the Team Page
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