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How to Create a Reservation for a Lock-off Room

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The following article reviews how to create a reservation for a Lock-Off room using the PMS (as opposed to booking online through the eRes Mobile Booking Engine).

Making a reservation for a Lock-off Room

When booking a Lock-off Room, the Master Lock-Off must always be booked first. For this reason, it may be advisable to provide a list of Lock-off's for Reservations and Front Desk showing which rooms are the Master Rooms and which rooms are Attached Rooms.

To book a Lock-off Room, click New Res to begin the reservation process.

Making a reservation for a Lock-off Room

After the appropriate reservation information has been selected, click Refresh.

Ensure the black arrow is pointing to the room type of the Master Lock-off.  In the below example, this is the PK room type.

Click the + icon under the Rate column, and select the Master rate.

  • Check the Enable Assignment box, and choose the Master room number
  • Check the Lockoff box (the Lock Off tab will now show along the top)

Proceed to the Lock Off tab, and fill in the number of Adults and Children staying in that room. Note that the associated connecting room is already shown.

Click the + icon under the Rate column, and select the rate for the second room (if booking the rates made under Method 1, this would be the complimentary rate plan. If booking the rate from method 2, this would be the same rate plan as the Master Room).

For more information on the methods used for building Lock-off rates, see the article How to Create Rates for Lock-Off Rooms

Place a check in the Book column.

Proceed back to the Calendar tab, and place a check in the Book column.

Continue to fill in the Guest Info tab, and any other tabs that apply to this booking.

Once completed, select the OK to book the room(s).

Once the booking is complete, it will appear as multiple reservations (one for each room in the Lock-off).

Reservation Confirmation

The Reservation Confirmation will identify the Room Type as the name of the Lock-off Room, and the Room Charges will reflect the cost of both the Master Lock-off and Attached Lock-offs combined,

Reservation Confirmation
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