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How to Create a Lock-Off Room

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Lock-off is a function in the PMS that allows two (or more) connecting rooms to be linked together to create a single, multi-room suite. The following article reviews how to configure specific rooms for use as lock-offs.

Lock-off rooms can be booked via eRes Booking Engine, or Hotel Direct; please see the following support article: How to Book a Lock-off Reservation. However, Lock-off rooms and rate plans cannot be booked via GDS or OTA/3rd-party distribution. 

How to Create a Lock-Off Room

To create a Lock-off Room, proceed to the Rooms tab (System Configuration > Room Numbers), and select the Lock-off Rooms tab located in the middle of the screen.

How to Create a Lock-Off Room

Click New

Adding the Master Room

The first step in the Lock-off Room Configuration screen is to pick the Master Room. This will be the room that the reservation must be booked under in order for a lock-off to work properly. Ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct room and then click on the “Master Room” button at the top of the screen.

Adding the Master Room

The selected room will now appear in the Master Room box.

If this Lock-Off Room is meant to made available for booking on the eRes Online Booking Engine, check the Available for Hotel Website box.

NOTE: A room number can only be a Master Lock-off ONCE. For example: If rooms 401 and 403 connect as well as rooms 401 and 402, for the first set of rooms, 401 would be used as the Master Lock-off. Since 401 cannot be selected again as a Master Room, room 402 must be selected as the Master Room for the 2nd set of Lock-off Rooms (401 would then be selected as the Attached Room).

Adding the Connecting Room(s)

Select the rooms that are to be attached to the Master Room. Select the room(s) from under All Rooms (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct room) and click Add to move it to the Attached Rooms column.

Adding the Connecting Room(s)
  • Under Lock-off Room Type Description, write the name of the lock-off (this will appear as the name of the room on the eRes Booking Engine)
  • Under Hotel Website – Description, write the lock-off room description (this will also appear on the eRes Booking Engine)

When done, click Post to save.

The lock-off room will now appear in the Lock-Off tab.

NOTE: Each Lock-off will appear on the eRes Booking Engine as an individual room. Therefore, if there are two lock-offs called “One Bedroom Suite”, they will both display on eRes as two separate lines for “One Bedroom Suite”. eRes does not combine Lock-off Room Types together as it does with other room types in eRes. The reason for this is because there are specific room numbers attached to each Lock-off room.

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