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Making a Lock-off Reservation on eRes

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The following article reviews how Lock-off rooms appear on eRes Mobile Booking Engine.

Lock-Off Rooms on eRes

Because each Lock-off consists of a combination of specific room numbers, when viewing Lock-off Rooms on eRes, each lock-off combination will appear as a individual room.  

In the below example, there are four 2 Bedroom Suites showing, as each one is a combination of two specific rooms.

For example, one 2 Bedroom Suite will represent rooms 703 & 704, another will represent rooms 803 & 804, another represents rooms 903 & 904, and so on. Though the room numbers are not displayed on eRes, when a reservation is made for one of these lock-off's, eRes will automatically assign the rooms at the time of reservation, to prevent double booking of one or all of the rooms needed to make the lock-off.

Lock-Off Rooms on eRes

Reservation Confirmation

The Room Type booked will display as the Lock-off, and the total rate for all rooms will display as one.

Reservation Confirmation

In the PMS, the Lock-off will show as multiple reservations. Because it was booked through eRes, and both rooms in the lock-off have individual rates, it will show the rate breakdown per room.

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