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How to Create a Travel Agent

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The following article explains how to create or add a Travel Agent profile so that it may be attached to bookings, and commissions can be calculated.

Creating a Travel Agent Profile

Proceed to Operations > Travel Agent.

To create a new Travel Agent, click Add.

Creating a Travel Agent Profile

Fill in the following information:

  • Type: Not required. It will auto-populate with "Travel Agent"
  • ID/IATA: Enter the Travel Agent's IATA number. The same number must be placed in BOTH fields
  • Contact Information: Fill in name of the company/Travel Agency, Contact Person, Address, Telephone, etc…
  • Commission (this field is a % amount): Insert the default commission percentage for this Travel Agent (NOTE: if the commission increases or decreases on specific reservations this can be changed as needed in the Travel Agent tab on individual guest reservations)
  • Do not require Online Credit Card: This option is used for bookings made via eRes booking engine. please see this article for more information
  • Date Created: Automatically populates with the current date

Click Post to save.

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