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Travel Agent Related Reports

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The following article reviews the Reports associated with the Travel Agent module in the PMS.

Detailed Commission Report (SelectedAgent)

Operations > Travel Agent > Reports > Detailed Commission Report (Selected Agent)

  • This report prints a list of guests that have been booked by a Travel Agent during a selected period of time. The report breaks out the commission amount that is owed to the Travel Agent based on the commission % set in the PMS.
  • This report is used in conjunction with the Commission Worksheet, and helps identify if a commission has been authorized or not
Detailed Commission Report (SelectedAgent)

Travel Agent Reservations

Reports > Reservations > Travel Agent Reservations

  • This report shows a list of reservations that were booked via a Travel Agent. This report includes all arriving, in house, cancelled and checked out reservations. NOTE: Maximum range for report is 31 days
  • The information for this report is generated from the reservations that have information within the Travel Agent tab.
Travel Agent Reservations

Travel Agent Statistics

Reports > Statistics > Travel Agent Statistics

  • This report allows shows all Travel Agent Accounts based on the revenue that they produced. There is an option to show All Records, or select a specific Number of Records (For example: To view the top 10 Accounts, change the Number of Records to 10,  and the Sort Order from either Highest to Lowest, or from Lowest to Highest
  • This report is sorted based on revenue. NOTE: This report does not produce forecasted numbers
Travel Agent Statistics

NOTE: When closing this report, an option to save it as a CSV file will be presented.

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