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How to Attach a Travel Agent to a Guest Reservation

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The following article outlines the steps in attaching a Travel Agent's profile to a guest reservation, so that they can be commissioned on the reservation.

Attaching a Travel Agent to a Guest Reservation

During the reservation process:

  • Proceed to the Travel Agent tab
  • Click the binoculars icon to open the Travel Agent module
Attaching a Travel Agent to a Guest Reservation

The Travel Agent module will open in a separate window:

  • Click on the desired Travel Agent to attach to the reservation
  • Click the X in the top left to close the module
  • Note the IATA number and Default Com % now appears
  • Fill in the Travel Agent Contact Name
  • If the commission percentage is being overridden, enter the new commission % into the Override com. % box (otherwise the default commission % from the Travel Agent's profile will be used)

If this is the only Travel Agent to be attached to this reservation, proceed with completing the reservation.

If another Travel Agent is being added, and commissions are being split, proceed to the Adding Multiple Travel Agents step below.

Adding Multiple Travel Agents

It is possible to have more than one Travel Agent on a reservation. Additional Travel Agents can be added below by clicking the Add button.

Adding Multiple Travel Agents

A new Travel Agent menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Follow the same procedure as above to add an additional Travel Agent.

  • Fill in the Contact and Override com. % if applicable
  • Click OK to add the Travel Agent

In the below example, there are two Travel Agents attached to the reservation. Based on a commission of 10%, the commission percentages have been overridden for each agent so they receive 5% each.

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