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Embedding your Online Booking Engine on your Home Page

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This article outlines the steps to have the online booking calendar directly on your home page instead of embedded in a "Book Now" button.

Open your eRes Booking Engine and copy the link that appears in the address bar at the top of your screen. This is the link that was originally embedded into your “Book Now” button.

Remove the #/search from the end of the link so it becomes something like the below (each property has a unique URL):

If you want the values from your web page embedded in the booking engine the following options are available:


You can add the arrival date by using the below parameter.  **This parameter can only be used in conjunction with the "number of nights" parameter**

  • &arrival_date=

*Please note that the arrival date can be one of the following parameters:

  • yyyy-mm-dd = 2011-02-14
  • mm/dd/yyyy = 02/14/2011
  • mmm dd, yyyy = Feb 14, 2011


Number of nights requested is passed with the following parameter:

  • &stay_nights=


If you want to allow the customer to add number of adults and children this will be added to your link:

  • &adults= &children=


If you provide the option to enter a Promo Code then this will be added to your link. This parameter can also be used for group bookings where a group code is supplied.

  • &promo_code=


If you provide the option to enter a Coupon Code then this will be added to your link.

  • &coupon_code=


Below is an example of an embedded URL that is searching for rooms with an Arrival Date of Dec 22, 2021 for 3 nights:

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