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How to Attach Images to Room Types


The following article reviews how to add images to Room Types for display on the eRes Booking Engine. This allows guests to view images of the room types when booking online.

Uploading Images to eRes

Proceed to System Configuration > Room Inventory > eRes Images tab.

NOTE: If the eRes Images tab does not appear as shown below, ensure Operations permission 1544, eRes Configuration has been given to the current user. For more information on permissions in the PMS, please consult the Clerks Module chapter in the System Configuration manual.

Uploading Images to eRes

Select the desired Room Type (ensure the black arrow is pointing toward the correct Room Type in the list) and click the Add button. Select the saved image and click OK.

NOTE: All uploaded images must be in JPEG format, have a 4:3 aspect ratio, and a minimum resolution of 400 x 300 pixels.

Image Sizing

Once the correct image has been selected, it will load into the Image Resizing box. If an image is too large for the permitted display size and aspect ratio, the viewable portion will be outlined with red dots. Use the slider along the side or bottom of the image to move the box to where the image should be cropped.

Once the box is in position to cover the desired portion of the image to appear online, enter a Photo Description in the box below & select a Sort Order for the image (the order in which it will appear online). Once done, click Apply to save.

Repeat the above steps until all images for this particular Room Type have been uploaded.

Editing and Deleting eRes Images

To edit an image, select the image in the list, and click Edit. To delete an image, select the image and click Delete.

Editing and Deleting eRes Images

Show in Actual Size

To view images in the size they will appear on eRes, check the box next to Show in Actual Size.

Show in Actual Size
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