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Travel Agents booking via eRes

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As a rule, it is not possible to make a reservation without a Credit Card, using the eRes Mobile Booking. It is possible however, to configure eRes to accept reservations from select, trusted Travel Agents without a Credit Card.

The following article explains how to configure Travel Agents' profiles and then allow them to book without Credit Cards on eRes.

Registering Online

In order to make a reservation, the first step a Travel Agent will need to take is to register online, via the eRes Mobile Booking Engine by clicking Travel Agents at the top.

Registering Online

When registering for the first time, the Travel Agent will need to click Register. Once they have registered, they will be able to log in on subsequent visits with a User ID and Password.

The Travel Agent must fill out the following information, and click Register when done.

Once the Travel Agent has registered online, proceed to the Travel Agent module in the PMS by going to Operations > Travel Agent.  If the Travel Agent profile already exists, click Modify and check the box next to Do Not Require Online Credit Card. With this box checked, the selected Travel Agent can reserve via eRes using their Travel Agent Login, and eRes will not require them to enter a Credit Card Number in order to complete the booking.

NOTE: If the Travel Agent Profile does not yet exist, it will need to be created in order to allow reservations without Credit Cards. Alternatively, a profile will automatically be created once a Travel Agent has made their first reservation through eRes, however they will need to have a credit card for that first reservation.

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