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Choosing a Booking Widget Theme

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The following article explains how to choose a Booking Widget theme for a property's own website.

Booking Widget

When the eRes Mobile Booking Engine is purchased, a specific link and website will be set up by the PMS Trainer. Once the site is set up, our eRes Implementation Specialist will work on customizing the eRes website template to match the property's own website in look and feel.  During the PMS training sessions, the Trainer will guide the property through the various setup features for eRes, including how to publish rates, build booking promotions, and add Room Type images.

At the end of the training, the trainer will guide the property to the Hotel Perfect demo site to choose a Booking Widget Theme. Since the eRes Mobile Booking Engine is a separate website to the property's own website, linking to it can be done via a Booking Widget. The widget can be placed by the property's web developer on their own website.  Guests will be able to use the booking widget to select the specific dates of their stay. By clicking the widget's "Book Now" button, guests will be redirected to the eRes page to complete their reservation and enter their payment details.

The Booking Widget is outlined in red below:

Booking Widget

Previewing Widget Calendar Themes

Previewing Widget Calendar Themes

To view the selected theme, click one of the calendar icons next to Arrival Date or Departure Date. The calendar will open, displaying the chosen theme.  Repeat the above steps until the desired theme is found.

Once the theme has been selected, please contact your PMS Trainer; they will generate the Booking Widget with the chosen theme, and send the file to you to place on your website.

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