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How to Show Other Rates while Running a Promotion

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The following article explains how to allow other rates to display alongside a Promotional Rate on eRes Mobile Booking Engine.

As a rule, when a Promotional rate is running on eRes, no other Rates will display except for the Online Promotion Rate. For other rates (ie: Best Available Rate, AAA, etc..) to continue to display at the same time as the Online Promotion Rate, the Special Rate feature must be enabled on each of the other individual Rates.  When enabled on a rate plan, the Special Rate feature exempts the selected rate from the rule surrounding Promotional Rates. Special Rate should NOT be checked on the Promotional Rate itself.

Conversely, when a Promotional Rate is being run with a Coupon Code (set on the promotion in the Online Booking Promotions module), the Promotion will only show when the code is entered. Once the code is entered however, it will be the only rate the booker will see.

To enable Special Rate:

  1. Go to System Configuration > Rate Wizard and select the desired Rate Plan (ie. Best Available Rate, AAA, AARP etc...)
  2. Click the Edit Rate button
  3. Check the box next to Special Rate to allow this rate to show on eRes in conjunction with the Promotional Rate
  4. Click Update to save

Repeat these steps for all rates that are to be displayed in conjunction with the Online Booking Promotion.

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