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Groups and the eRes Online Booking Engine

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The following article discusses how a Group's reservations can be booked, and coordinated through the eRes Online Booking Engine.

NOTE: Manual Rates cannot be used for Groups that are intended to be made bookable via eRes. In order to be able to book or access the Group's information, a Rate Plan with a Hotel Website channel must be attached to the Group. For more information on creating a rate, please consult the article How to create a Rate Plan using the Rate Wizard in the Rates Manual.

For properties that use the eRes Online Booking Engine, it is possible to allow Group Coordinators to access information regarding their groups via eRes. The access point is on the eRes main page. Click Groups and input the associated Group ID and Password.

Group Coordinators will be able to view the following when they login to the eRes Booking Engine:

  • Group Block Information
  • Group Reservation
  • Ability to add Group Notes & Attachment to Guest Email Confirmations

In order for a Group Coordinator to have access to this area, the group has to be activated with eRes privileges within the PMS first.

Allowing Access via eRes

In the PMS, go to Operations > Groups to open the Group Master. From within the Group Master ensure the arrow is pointing towards the Group you wish to allow access and then click on the eRes Page button.

NOTE: A Group ID must be assigned to a Group before setting up eRes access.

Allowing Access via eRes

After clicking the eRes Page button an "Attachment & Note (Online Booking)" box will appear.

  • To allow access, check the Allow access through RoomKey eRes box
  • The UserName is created by the PMS, and is the Group ID (it cannot be changed here)
  • Input a Password of your choice
  • The Group Code field displays the booking code that will need to be entered when booking through eRes. It will auto populate with the Group ID, however can be changed by simply overwriting it. ┬áThere must be a Group Code in order to allow group reservations on eRes. As the rate is "private", without the Group Code, the rate will not be displayed on eRes. This Group Code needs to be given to anyone intending to make their reservations online.
  • The Group Note field allows a custom note to be entered, and will appear on all Reservation Confirmation emails for the group
  • The Attachment field allows an attachment to be uploaded to eRes, and will be attached to each Reservation Confirmation email for the group. This can be used for things like an Itinerary, directions, menus, or maybe a welcome letter. Simply click the Browse button, locate the file, and then click Upload Attachment.

Once all the information has been filled out, click Post to save the changes.

The Username & Password may now be given to the Group Coordinator, so that they will have access to their group's information through the eRes Online Booking Engine.

How to use "Groups" function on eRes

  1. Click on the Groups link on the top right hand corner within the eRes Online Booking Engine
  2. The Group Login box will open, input the login information
How to use "Groups" function on eRes


There are 3 tabs available to view via the Group Coordinator login:

  • Block Information
  • Reservations
  • Note/Attachment

Block Information

The Block Information tab shows the available & booked Group Block broken out into Room Types, and totalled at the bottom of the report.

Block Information


The Reservations tab shows all the reservations currently made for the group.


Group Note/Attachment

The Group Note/Attachment tab allows the Group Coordinator to enter a Group Note that will be added to guest email confirmations. It also allows the Group Coordinator to attach a file that will send with each Reservation Confirmation email.

Group Note/Attachment

How to Book a Reservation with a Specific Group using the eRes Booking Engine

A guest is also able to make a reservation for a specific Group by entering the Group ID into the Do you have a Group Code field of the eRes Online Booking Engine.

In order to be able to make a reservation for a Group using the eRes Booking Engine there are 2 steps in the PMS that must be completed first:

  • A Rate Plan with a "Hotel Website" channel must be attached to the Group. Manual Rates CANNOT be used if you want a Group to be able to book online
  • The Rate Plan with the "Hotel Website" channel should only be attached to the Rates tab of the Group Wizard. It should NOT be attached to the Group Client Type

Once these 2 steps are completed a guest may go to the eRes Online Booking Engine and enter their Group ID (provided to them by their Group Coordinator) into the Do you have a Group Code area.

Once the Group ID has been entered into the eRes Booking Engine, click on the Search Availability button to search for available rooms & rates.

NOTE: The search must fall within the dates of the group's block in order for available rooms to appear in the results. Remember that if no rooms are being held on the block for any Pre or Post nights that have been extended, guests cannot reserve those online as they will not be displayed; the guest will have to call in to make a reservation for those nights.

How to Book a Reservation with a Specific Group using the eRes Booking Engine
  • Only Room Types & Rates attached to the Group within the Group Wizard, for the dates of the groups, will appear available for booking.
  • The Guest would then proceed to select a Room Type & Rate and continue to enter their personal information in order to complete the booking process.

NOTE: A Credit Card is needed for ALL eRes Bookings. Even if a Group is taking care of the Room & Tax for the guests, a method of payment is still needed to guarantee the reservation.

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