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How to Use "SMART Match" in the Payment Reconciliation Report

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This article demonstrates how to use the new "SMART Match" function in the Payment Reconciliation Report for RoomKeyPMS Payments Powered By Fullsteam. The Payment Reconciliation Report will automatically review each non-matching transaction and if two transactions appear to correspond to one another based on Match Points criteria, they appear grouped together in the "SMART Match" Transactions section.

Please note, this function is permission-based; therefore you will need RoomKeyPMS Payments permission 5000, Payment Reconciliation Report (Match) to proceed.

All computers at the property, regardless if they will be using the interface to process credit cards or not, MUST be updated to Version or above. Please note, this credit card interface is currently available for USA-based clients only.

How to Use "SMART Match"

  1. In the Payment Reconciliation Report, locate the "SMART Match" Transactions section
  2. Select the Match All Selected Transactions button
  3. A Status of Matched Transactions popup window will appear, you can select the Close button
  4. The transactions will now appear with their corresponding match in the transactions grouped by date, Hover Over the M-icon to see the Manual Match details

What are Match Points?

Match Points are criteria that are are used to compare transactions recorded in RoomKeyPMS hotel database and those recorded in RoomKeyPMS Payments to determine if they match. Specifically, "SMART Match" looks at the following transaction criteria:

  • Res Id
  • Credit Card Type
  • Last 4 Digits (of the credit card number)
  • Card Holder Name
  • Transaction Amount

When non-matching transactions are identified as possible "SMART Match" Transactions, the total Match Points will appear next to the timestamp field on the Payment Reconciliation Report; you can hover on the Match Points icon to see which criteria match for these transactions (please see the screenshot below):

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