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How to Activate a New Terminal in the MerchantTrack Processor Portal

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The following article outlines how to  setup a new terminal (AKA: Pin Pad, CC Device, etc.) used to process chip-and-pin credit card payments using RoomKeyPMS Payments Powered By Fullsteam.

Please note, this function is permission-based; therefore you will need RoomKeyPMS Payments permission 4060, Terminal Management to proceed.

All computers at the property, regardless if they will be using the interface to process credit cards or not, MUST be updated to Version or above. Please note, this credit card interface is currently available for USA-based clients only.

How to Activate a New Terminal in the MerchantTrack Processor Portal

  1. In the MerchantTrack processor portal, select Terminals and then select Activate Terminal
  2. On the Activate Terminal page, enter the following information:
    • Activation Code: this is issued by Fullsteam and it will begin with a P followed by 6 digits
    • Description: give this device a nickname/location, this can help with troubleshooting
    • Merchant: select the merchant/location if assigned more than one
  3. Select the Activate button
  4. When one or more terminals are added, you can view a list of active terminals by selecting Terminals and then select View Terminals
    • Clicking on the blue terminal ID link will take you to a page which gives the option to edit the reboot time for the terminal or edit the terminal
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