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How to Blacklist a Guest

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The following steps review how to set a guest profile to 'Do Not Rent' if you do not want to rent them a room at your property in the future. 


  • Reservations made through any online channel (eg booking engine, OTA's) create a new guest profile, and therefore will not show as 'Do Not Rent' if the guest books via this method in the future. 
  • Reservations made via property direct will need to select the same guest profile, if a new profile is created or selected, 'Do Not Rent' will not appear. It is important to ensure guests with multiple profiles are merged regularly. Please see these articles on Why you should merge guest profiles and the RoomkeyPMS Match & Merge feature.

Proceed to Operations -> Guest Profile or use the keyboard shortcut F7

Click on Guest Search

Select the name- >click on Edit Guest

On the lower left you will see DO NOT RENT check box. Once this is checked and the profile is saved, the guest profile is now on the Do Not Rent list.

Note: By clicking 'Why?' You are also able to leave a note to advise why you are setting this guest profile to 'do not rent'.

Once a guest profile is on the Do Not Rent List, it will be highlighted red.

If attempting to make a reservation using this guest profile, a pop up will also appear to advise you're unable to rent to this guest.

To see any notes why the guest is set to do not rent Edit the Guest Profile and click on 'Why?'

To remove 'Do Not Rent', edit the guest profile and remove the check next to 'Do Not Rent'

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