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Guest Profile Custom Reports

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Within the guest profile module, it is possible to create custom reports based on various parameters and export it to csv. This article explains how to access the module, create a report and export it. 

Some examples include export email addresses for all upcoming reservations for an upcoming email marketing campaign or a list of all previous guests showing their zip code

Note: This report requires the permission under Operations -> 607 -> Direct Mailing Manager

To access the guest profile module, press F7 on your keyboard. Alternatively you can access it under Operations -> Guest Profile. Select Export

From the Guest Export page, you can select the required fields to search. Once you have selected the parameters, select 'Guest Export Data'

The example below, is searching for all reservations arriving between 1 & 30 April 2020, that have an email address and are from the United States. 

The next page will show your search results in a list & the available fields to export. 

Select the fields you'd like to export and then 'Export to CSV'. 

If you'd like to update the search paramaters, select 'Change Export Criteria'

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