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Why Merge Guest Profile Data?


With reliable and rich guest profile data you’ll get from merging duplicate guest profile records, including historical stay information and combined profile information:

  • your team can provide an improved and personalized guest experience.
  • you can speed up the reservation, check-in, and checkout process.
  • you won’t need to ask the same questions again and again.
  • you can ensure the most profitable booking based on guest needs and possible upsell opportunities.
  • you can market to the guest more accurately pre-stay and post-stay.
  • your whole team will be able to do their jobs more effectively.

If you are a solo property, your team will be able to welcome repeat guests back confidently, knowing their preferences and previous behavior; even if they’ve booked from an OTA or GDS.

If you are part of a chain or otherwise associated groups of properties, you can also choose to share this reliable and rich guest data across associated properties. This means if a guest has stayed at any of other sister properties, you’ll be able to tailor their stay to their known preferences and enhance brand affinity by treating the guest as a known quantity rather than a stranger.

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