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The following article explains the Guest Profile module, where you can search for a guest, see their contact details and previous stays. There are also other functions available including reports, merging duplicate profiles & more. 

To access the Guest Profile Module, Proceed to Operations > Guest Profile or use the keyboard shortcut F7

The Guest Profile module will show the following options:

Reports - includes 'do not rent' (blacklist) report and guest profile export

Inhouse - shows a list of current inhouse reservations

New Res - create a new reservation for the guest profile selected

Guest Search - search for an existing guest profile

Merge Profiles - manually search for duplicate guest profiles & merge them

Match & Merge - a premium RoomkeyPMS feature to match & merge duplicate profiles. Please click here for further information or the Merge & Match help guide on this premium feature. 

Purge - delete a guests personal data. Please see the Purging Guest Profile 

Export - build custom guest profile reports & export to excel. Please see Guest Profile Custom Reports

New Guest - add a new guest profile

Edit Guest - edit the selected guest profile 

Exit - exit out of the Guest Profile module

To locate a guest profile click on Guest Search

Enter the guest name and click Search

Note: You can also search for first or last name only, or other paramaters such as the guest phone number

The Main Guest Info tab will appear first showing the guests contact details & guest notes. 

The Extra Info tab shows information including vehicle details and custom fields

The Stays tab shows reservation details of any reservations this guest profile has. In the example below the guest only has one reservation, which is currently inhouse. 

The Credit Cards tab shows any credit cards associated with this guest profile. From here you can add a new card, edit the existing card, or delete a card. 

Note: Due to PCI compliance & tokenization you may see ****** instead of the card number

Please see How to delete a credit card for further information

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