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Merge Duplicate Profiles Manually

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The following article explains how to locate duplicate profiles & merge them into one. 

Note: RoomkeyPMS has a premium feature called Profile Match & Merge, where the system helps you identify duplicates in a matter of seconds—saving you time and improving your ability to deliver great guest experiences. For more information on this feature please contact our inside sales representative Margaux Le Merrer for further information on [email protected] or +1 604.914.3739.

To access the Guest Profile Module, Proceed to Operations > Guest Profile or use the keyboard shortcut F7 

Select Guest Search

Enter the details of the guest profile you are looking for duplicates

Select Search

Select a guest profile you'd like to merge

Select Merge Profiles

Click on 'Select' Master profile

Search & select which profile you'd like to be the master profile

(duplicate profiles will be merged into the master profile and only the contact details on the master profile will be saved)

Click Ok

Next to Merging Profile, Select Add

Select the duplicate profile you'd like to merge. 

Click Ok

Note: You may also enter data into the fields and then select the magnifying glass to search for other duplicates

The selected profile will now show under the Merging Profiles tab. 

Click add to continue to add more duplicate profiles

Click apply to merge this profile

The duplicate profiles are now merged with all reservation history on the main profile. 

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