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How to Access the Deposit Reconciliation Report for RoomKeyPMS Payments

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The following article demonstrates how to access and navigate within the Deposit Reconciliation Report for properties that use RoomKeyPMS Payments Powered By Fullsteam.  This report is used to reconcile bank deposits processed by Fullsteam.

Please note, access to the Deposit Reconciliation Report is permission-based; therefore you will need RoomKeyPMS Payments permission 5030, Deposit Reconciliation Report to proceed.

All computers at the property, regardless if they will be using the interface to process credit cards or not, MUST be updated to Version or above. Please note, this credit card interface is currently available for USA-based clients only.

Deposit Reconciliation Report

To access the report, go to Reports => On-Line Processing => Deposit Reconciliation Report:

  • Only 1 deposit can be viewed at a time
  • There are two ways to search for Deposits using this report:
    • Select a date range (max 31 days - default will open to past 7 days unless new to product) => Get Deposits => use the "Filter" drop down to view the selected deposit
    • Select "Funding ID" and enter the Funding ID number of the Deposit => Get Deposit
RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

The Deposit Reconciliation Report will display the following data for the selected Funding ID:

  1. Property Transaction Totals - the total amount of payments posted in RoomKey for this Funding ID (should match the RoomKeyPMS Payments Transaction Totals)
  2. RoomKeyPMS Payments Transaction Totals - the total amount of payments appearing in MerchantTrack for this Funding ID (should match the Property Transactions Totals)
  3. Chargeback Totals - the total Chargeback Transactions associated with this Funding ID
  4. Total Fees - all Fees incurred, this includes Non-Transactional Fees and Processing Fees, for this Funding ID
  5. Net Deposit - the total amount deposited into the Property Bank Account after Chargeback & Fees are deducted from Payments
RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

NOTE:  The above totals can be compared to the Funding Summary Report in MerchantTrack

  • Property Transaction Totals = Gross Amount
  • RoomKeyPMS Payments Transaction Totals = Gross Amount
  • Chargeback = Chargeback Total
  • Total Fees = Total Fees
  • Net Deposit = Net Amount
RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

To see more detail => click on the date header OR select one of the dials at the top, to expand data that is viewed

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

Total Fees

There are two types of Fees that appear on the Deposit Reconciliation Report:

  • Processing Fees - this is the amount charged to process a payment.  Fee amounts will vary based on contracts with issuers.
  • Non-Transactional Fees - these fees can include items such as Terminal Lease Fees, Card Monthly Fees, MC Location Fees.  

Below is an example of Processing Fees - these will appear under the "Fees" column for each Credit Card Type.

NOTE:  If you have "Deferred Fees" setup (this means all fees are scheduled to post 1 day a month) then Fees will display as $0.00 for all days up until the scheduled "Fee Date" and at that point all transactions for the month will display with their associated fees.  So, for example, if you have fees deferred until the 15th of every month, then on every other day except the 15th you will see Fees = $0.00.  Then, on the 15th of the month, you will see all the transactions for the past month and their associated fees.

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

Below is an example of Non-Transaction Fees - these will appear in their own section called "Non-Transaction Fees".  When selected the report will display the fee breakdown.

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report


Chargebacks are transactions that have been disputed by guests.  When a guest disputes a charge, they are refunded the money and it is then up to you, the Property, to provide the appropriate documentation to prove the charge was valid.  When a Chargeback is incurred it will appear on the Deposit Reconciliation Report and display the "Chargeback Fee"  as well as the "Transaction Fee" for processing the Chargeback.  NOTE:  There is no "Property side" of a Chargeback fee on the Deposit Report.  These transactions occur in Fullsteam only as they are processed by the guest's issuing bank and will therefore appear on the RoomKeyPMS Payments side only.

Any Chargebacks that occur should not be reflected in RoomKey and will not appear on the Transaction Reconciliation Report.  Anything to do with Chargebacks should occur in your properties Accounting Software directly, not in RoomKey.

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

Non-Matching Transactions

The Deposit Reconciliation Report takes all the transactions for a particular Funding ID from Fullsteam and then locates the matching transactions in RoomKey.  If a corresponding RoomKey Transaction is not located for a Fullsteam Transaction, it will appear at the top of the report as "Non-Matching".  This indicates that the Transaction was processed in Fullsteam but does not appear anywhere in RoomKey.  Should you see a Non-Matching Transaction, please follow these steps:

  1. Proceed to the Transaction Reconciliation Report (using the shortcut at the top of the Deposit Reconciliation Report) => locate & fix the Non-Matching Transaction (for more information on how to fix Non-Matching Transactions please refer to How to Resolve a Non-Matching Transaction in the Payment Reconciliation Report article)
  2. Once fixed, return to the Deposit Reconciliation Report (using the Deposit Reconciliation short cut at the top of the page)
  3. Once back on the Deposit Reconciliation Report, the Non-Matching section will disappear and the "No Matching RoomKeyPMS Transaction" will populate with the correct data from RoomKey.
RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

AMEX Conveyed Transactions

If your property set setup as AMEX Conveyed for American Express Transactions, then these transactions will not appear on the Deposit Reconciliation Report as they are funded directly through American Express and not through Fullsteam.  These American Express transactions would appear as a separate Deposit in your bank.

Deposit Reconciliation Report - Printing/Exporting

The Deposit Reconciliation Report can be printed by selecting the “Print Preview” button located to the right of the screen.  

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

The next screen will display the "Print Preview", which is exactly what will be printed once the "Print" button is selected.  You may to "Print" at the bottom of the preview screen to Print the report to a printer or use Microsoft Print to PDF to save as a PDF. 

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

The “Export to CSV” option allows you to pull all the data associated with the selected Funding ID.  This export will include all the transaction details.

RoomkeyPMS Reconciliation Report

Should you wish to view this data in Excel, below is the best practice on how to open this Export to ensure all data is displayed correctly.  After the file has been saved to your computer, using desktop Excel, go to the Data Menu -> From Text/CSV to import the CSV file.

Book1 - Excel

Once CSV file has been selected, select "Open" and the following screen will appear.  Change the Data Type Detection to "Do not detect data types" and click the "Load" button below.

Untitled - Paint

The CSV file will now open in Excel.  

Book1 - Excel

This file can be opened using just the Open file method, however, if there are any Authorization Codes or if the Last 4 Digits of any cards start with a "0" - the 0 will not be displayed.  To display all information correctly within Excel the file must be properly loaded using the above steps.

Deposit Recon Export - KQA4 - Apr 7 for Apr 1-7.csv - Excel
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